That's a new one to me! At least on this. Generally, I believe that happens when you're trying to use an HTTP service with HTTPS when it's not configured to serve HTTPS traffic. Nothing in this walk through does anything like that, so I'm wondering if perhaps it's something in your application maybe?

There are times when I’m building an application on GCP when I don’t want to use a more traditional datastore like Cloud SQL or Bigtable. Right now, for example, I’m building an app that allows non-technical folks to easily add icons into a build system. I’m not going to write…

No Docker whales were harmed in the creation of this image.

Hi friends!

This post is an addendum to a blog post I wrote for running a Kubernetes application with the Cloud SQL Proxy running in a sidecar.

In writing that blog, I found myself bouncing all around in order to figure out enough about containers from a position of “I…

Gabe Weiss

Husband, father, actor, sword fighter, musician, gamer, developer advocate at Google. Making things that talk to the Cloud. Pronouns: He/Him

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